Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 5 ~Triad Challenge

Welcome to something meaningful.
Mind: Play your music very quiet today...listen carefully to the words. Concentrate on hearing the words. did you hear something different?
Body: Replace one soda today with water. Walk the long way around.
Spirit: Be forgiving and compassionate. You do not know the struggles others have. When we make mistakes and ask for forgiveness then give it. Let it go and move on.
Recall what you were taught in kindergarten, be nice, say you are sorry, share and everyone deserves to be loved.
Keeping this one super short: had two challenging appointments, one with an orthopedic for my knee, made it hurt crazy bad, the other was the Adult Committee Meeting for scouts lots of voices, lots of conversations all at the same time...Very hard on the brain...to much to process. Some of the biggest struggles are can not be seen. Be Kind.

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