Monday, February 18, 2013

Why I Race

Hello Clan of Marie,
     I was asked the other day "What is the Clan of Marie?" my response is simple, if you have ever shared a positive thought, sent a prayer or wished for something good for me, then you belong to this courageous group of people that I call the Clan of Marie.
      At this time you are all part of something bigger than me...bigger than breast cancer or the treatments of cancer. You are a part of hope and life. I realized that at times we do not know the impact of our actions. The ability to pay your registration fee and any additional contribution you can make allows for a person to have the procedures done that either saves her life or provides gas to her treatments, best of all it provides funds for people so that they can sleep at night....when you are worried about your health and you do not have insurance, you do not sleep well. Often we go with out seeking medical treatment because we can't pay, we don't get preventive care because we can't pay.
     I race because I can.
I am here because of the generosity of others. I don't have a lot...but what I do have is a voice, an experiences and Clan that have carried me through a lot in the last 14 months. My goal this year is to run the 5k. Last years goal was to finish. I did...I believe I was the last survivor off the course...but I did it. I had contingent plans at several locations along the course in case I could not finish. I am grateful that did not have to use any of those plans. What is your race goal? not sure... well then...I ask you "Why do you race?" and if you do not have an answer then ask your self "Why don't I race?"

Register today: Team Name: Clan of Marie