Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It is about 365

     As we close the month of awareness for many causes, Gluten free, Autism, and Breast Cancer just to name some that are close to my heart. Please know that those who are affected are impacted every day, 365 not just the 31 of October. If you have not had the correct cancer screenings for your age and genetic group please make that appointment today. If you do not have insurance or your insurance does not cover the test then ask for assistance. Breast Cancer is not the only cancer that has awesome assistance programs.
    In this month I have shared in the experience of the highest emotions of  Kip’s remission and the lowest as Brenda was taken from us at the young age of 48. Her body was ravaged by cancer but her soul shines bright guiding the rest of to a better way of life.
    Much is to be said for awareness, early detection and curative treatments, they save lives. I will take this time to share a bit of insight on surviving treatment and prevention. Kip was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was healthy and doing most of the right things food and exercise. There are not many external controllable risk factors for blood cancers. During treatment Kip set new markers for positive responses and reduced side effects. He maintained his dedication to good eating and exercise often to the point of embarrassing his medical team. Today Kip is in full remission and enjoying each new day as the gift it is. Being physically, mentally and spiritually healthy made a positive impact on Kip's treatment outcomes.
     Brenda was diagnosed at a time when she was not at her best physically. Brenda’s mental and spiritual healthiness is testament that you can remain positive and a beacon of hope when things are not going the way you wanted. Uterine cancer has some controllable external risk factors, same as my breast cancer. Brenda’s treatment outcomes were not what any of us expected or wanted. 4 months for surgery to remove her cancer she is dead. I miss her deeply. Please know that her death carries a message to me and you. Get healthy. Get off the typical American food plan; get off your butts and move, get in tune with yourself. Listen to when you feel good and when you don’t take action when you don’t. Know your controllable risk factors and control them.
     Some cancers or diseases are not preventable but your state of being will make a difference on how you respond to treatment. I know now that I may have been able to prevent my cancer. If I had not smoked for 20+ years, used artificial birth control, I should have had a child before age 30 and had been able to breastfeed for more than a month, if I had maintained my ideal weight and had been exercising on a regular basis. All of the above may or may not have prevented my cancer; however I did not take right steps to prevent. I want all of you to know that now is the time to make a difference in your life and the life of others. Know your factors and make the changes.
     I have shared my cancer story so that other women will know that there is help and resources available. I will continue to share my story so that more women will not die from cancer but will get the screenings, no excuses. I will also lend my voice to prevention. I have started exercising daily and must say I wish I had made this change 35 years ago. Even as I recover from another surgery this year I know that my daily walks are making a difference in my recovery. Now is the time, no excuses.
     This is a new blog spot, so yes it looks different than the other site. Give me some time to add some good and coolness to the new spot.
As always thanks for reading and supporting me in my journey.
Clan of Marie is strong and getting healthy.