Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 30~ Triad Finish

Welcome to the beginning.
As with all things in life it is a cycle, system or process. When you reach the end, it really is the beginning of something. We have reached the last day of  the triad challenge, that daily lifetime process of honoring mind, body and spirit. My hope is that something that we have done in the last 30 days you have enjoyed enough to continue for the next 30 days or weeks.
I was asked if this challenge has been harder than I had expected. I must admit that I did not have many expectations when I started, many of the writings amaze me. I think that we often miss the message because we are busy looking for a mistake or how could I have done it better. The next few weeks will be filled with meaning, expectations, traditions, joy, and peace on earth. I ask you to set a side the need to fulfill every expectation. Find a way to help your neighbor. Look for opportunities for make supportive memories.
I leave you with my best enjoyed practices.
Mind: Play a new puzzle or practice a new language
Body: Take 10 deep breaths and walk during your TV show.
Spirit: Look at your thinking and understanding of someone's situation. Make an effort to understand it better. See where you can help.
I hope to continue creating wonderful readings, but am having surgery on Dec 11th. Prayers and healing thoughts are welcome.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 29~Triad Challenge

Welcome to gratitude.
Service to others changes us.
Last week I was enjoying a cup of tea when my phone rang, it was my friend who moved to Ohio in September, "Do you know where the bus barn on Franklin is?...Yes...Good go there now, Tiffany's dad died. ...Oh Crap...on my way."
Her dad had just died of a heart attack. She was at work and needed a friend, driver and prayer warrior.
As the day unfolded with hugs, tears, prayers and travel plans it became apparent that I would be cat sitting. I can say that given a choice, I will choose a dog over a cat any day. However this cat sitting has given me and TJ a chance to help someone else. He had a not so good experience with a cat and had vowed to never like cats. Smokey has changed him. He thinks that maybe a cat someday would be okay. That daily scooping the litter box might be better than the weekly poo picking of the yard.
This doing for others... It changes us...we see the world in a different light. After being in her home everyday for a week I can say that I have a better understanding of her and her journey. For that I hope to be a better supporter of her journey.
What can you do to see a friend or situation in a different light that will make you a better supporter?
Think about that as you take a walk or eat more green vegetables.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Day 28 ~ Triad Challenge

Welcome to gratitude.
Mind: take time today to be quiet. With all the excitement of the day we can overwhelm our minds and emotions.
Body: go for a walk before and after that big meal.
Spirit:  Love the one your with. Simply stated you can wish for and long for those that are gone or you have yet to meet but that reduces what you do for those next to you now.
Today, the here and now is a gift, it is a present. Do what you can to enjoy the future, learn from the past but love the one your with.
I am grateful for you.
Happy Thanksgiving!  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 27~Triad Challenge

Welcome to gratitude.
Today is Wednesday. Yes that is right Hump day, middle of the week. The day that marks the changing of the tide for the work flow.
With our amazing fast spread of information a commercial, phrase or picture can go from a few people seeing and giggling to a whole nation declaring "Enough with the camel".
This Wednesday is extra is the day before Thanksgiving. There are no stories written about thanksgiving eve, something like... 

The kitchen was all a flurry with the baking of pie, stirring of sauce, and slicing of yams. The parlor gleamed for not a spec of dust to be found, the table glowed from the shiny silver, bright china and sparking crystal. The family is all tucked in bed exhausted, hungry and nervous, for tomorrow is Thanksgiving and "Company" is coming to dinner. Company may be friends or family may be those you see daily or just once a year. But this is a special meal, the one that we all recall for years to come. Come to the table with your glass and gratitude, leave your burdens and complaints at the door. You are loved and cherished today and everyday.      
In the story of Thanksgiving eve we have no special elf that arrives to wake us with a clatter, magically not create a mess from coming down the chimney and leave behind a gift that some will say replaces the gift of a savior. For Thanksgiving we just have each other and the anticipation of good food and the making of memories. Make memories that support. Memories that bring a feeling of love, belonging, valued and acceptance.
I am grateful you are reading this. 
A friend presented the question...If today you have only what you gave thanks for what would you have?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 26~ Triad Challenge

Welcome to gratitude.
I am grateful that you are reading this. Every day we have an opportunity to be a blessing to someone. We can do this in many ways. What way would you like for someone to bless you? Do that for your neighbor.

There are many saying, proverbs, and motivational statements. With the internet it is easier to find words to make you feel something. I saw this statement and photo when looking for information to help my son with his fundraising project. It was posted on Facebook, this is my alma mater.  The more I think of it the more I like what it means. 
How are you showing your noble soul today? 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 25~ Triad Challenge

Welcome to gratitude.
I am grateful to the generosity of others. The ability to give from the hear is what makes this a better place to live. Some have however missed the meaning and the reason we have Thanksgiving. It is not to have to much to eat and drink and open family wounds. It is to come together as a community and enjoy the fact that we have food to eat and a table to gather. There are people in your community that may not have a family or a table. There are organizations there to help those with out. The Idaho food bank is one of many in our community that try to bridge the gap. The have many events though out the year to help end hunger in Idaho. My most loved event is Empty Bowls. It happens on the Friday after Thanksgiving. You go to the Boise Center on the Grove. Pay for a hand made ceramic bowl and get a bowl of soup. Please think about joining us.  I am grateful you are reading this. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 24~Triad Challenge

Welcome to gratitude.
It is Sunday, a day traditionally destined to be one of rest and community.  If you have ever had the pleasure of cooking for a large group of people you know that it is any thing short of restful. I was visiting with a friend from the Netherlands, talking culture and food. Here in America EVERYTHING is about food. Every occasion, every event is about food. Please note that hospitality is important in every culture, it is just how we go about it that is my fascination. Here we have a snack of cookies, cake, popcorn, candy. In the Netherlands a snack is an apple or a a handful of raisins. I like the thinking of the Dutch.
I am grateful that I live in a world of abundance. My focus today as I travel to community gatherings will be the people. I am so blessed by the light of the beings that I call friends. 
As you go about your day walking, stretching and eating green and purple vegetables enjoy the people.