Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 29~Triad Challenge

Welcome to gratitude.
Service to others changes us.
Last week I was enjoying a cup of tea when my phone rang, it was my friend who moved to Ohio in September, "Do you know where the bus barn on Franklin is?...Yes...Good go there now, Tiffany's dad died. ...Oh Crap...on my way."
Her dad had just died of a heart attack. She was at work and needed a friend, driver and prayer warrior.
As the day unfolded with hugs, tears, prayers and travel plans it became apparent that I would be cat sitting. I can say that given a choice, I will choose a dog over a cat any day. However this cat sitting has given me and TJ a chance to help someone else. He had a not so good experience with a cat and had vowed to never like cats. Smokey has changed him. He thinks that maybe a cat someday would be okay. That daily scooping the litter box might be better than the weekly poo picking of the yard.
This doing for others... It changes us...we see the world in a different light. After being in her home everyday for a week I can say that I have a better understanding of her and her journey. For that I hope to be a better supporter of her journey.
What can you do to see a friend or situation in a different light that will make you a better supporter?
Think about that as you take a walk or eat more green vegetables.

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