Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 3 ~ Triad Challenge

Welcome to something meaningful: it is Sunday, the day a lot of people connect with religious community and participate in celebrations of faith and family.
Mind: try the crossword or Sudoku puzzle in the paper or pick up a puzzle book at the store when as you buy more vegetables than you did the week before. 
Body: park in the last spot on the row...the farthest from the door.  Drink 2 more glasses of water than you did yesterday.
Spirit: Family is special. We may not always like what they do, how they live the gift of this life. But they were given to you love and honor. As you see these people today think of what your world be without them. For some that may be a joyful thoughts...for most it would be sad...but for all of us our world would be different. The people we call family have a very large impact on us. Without them we would be different, and so would do your family members help you be do you help them be them. For our children how do we help them learn who they are?
Enjoy your family they are yours, given through love and intention.

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