Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 30~ Triad Finish

Welcome to the beginning.
As with all things in life it is a cycle, system or process. When you reach the end, it really is the beginning of something. We have reached the last day of  the triad challenge, that daily lifetime process of honoring mind, body and spirit. My hope is that something that we have done in the last 30 days you have enjoyed enough to continue for the next 30 days or weeks.
I was asked if this challenge has been harder than I had expected. I must admit that I did not have many expectations when I started, many of the writings amaze me. I think that we often miss the message because we are busy looking for a mistake or how could I have done it better. The next few weeks will be filled with meaning, expectations, traditions, joy, and peace on earth. I ask you to set a side the need to fulfill every expectation. Find a way to help your neighbor. Look for opportunities for make supportive memories.
I leave you with my best enjoyed practices.
Mind: Play a new puzzle or practice a new language
Body: Take 10 deep breaths and walk during your TV show.
Spirit: Look at your thinking and understanding of someone's situation. Make an effort to understand it better. See where you can help.
I hope to continue creating wonderful readings, but am having surgery on Dec 11th. Prayers and healing thoughts are welcome.

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