Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 13~ Triad Challenge

Welcome to something daring.
Mind: Puzzles, new hobby, new language, anything that you do to challenge your brain it will benefit your gray matter. Keep it up.
Body: Stand with your eyes closed for a few moments. Take a deep breath, unless your hiding in the stinky bathroom at work. This is best done outside in the fresh air, in a park or your yard, with nature and beauty all around you. Hold your breath for a moment then let it out, do this a few times.
Spirit: What feelings, situations or problems have you been holding on to that you really don't serve a good purpose? Let them go with the air from your lungs. If this involves the actions of another then ask them about what you understand. You may be surprised by what you learn. Makes me think of the statement of don't be critical of another until you have walked a mile in their shoes.   

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