Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 27~Triad Challenge

Welcome to gratitude.
Today is Wednesday. Yes that is right Hump day, middle of the week. The day that marks the changing of the tide for the work flow.
With our amazing fast spread of information a commercial, phrase or picture can go from a few people seeing and giggling to a whole nation declaring "Enough with the camel".
This Wednesday is extra is the day before Thanksgiving. There are no stories written about thanksgiving eve, something like... 

The kitchen was all a flurry with the baking of pie, stirring of sauce, and slicing of yams. The parlor gleamed for not a spec of dust to be found, the table glowed from the shiny silver, bright china and sparking crystal. The family is all tucked in bed exhausted, hungry and nervous, for tomorrow is Thanksgiving and "Company" is coming to dinner. Company may be friends or family may be those you see daily or just once a year. But this is a special meal, the one that we all recall for years to come. Come to the table with your glass and gratitude, leave your burdens and complaints at the door. You are loved and cherished today and everyday.      
In the story of Thanksgiving eve we have no special elf that arrives to wake us with a clatter, magically not create a mess from coming down the chimney and leave behind a gift that some will say replaces the gift of a savior. For Thanksgiving we just have each other and the anticipation of good food and the making of memories. Make memories that support. Memories that bring a feeling of love, belonging, valued and acceptance.
I am grateful you are reading this. 
A friend presented the question...If today you have only what you gave thanks for what would you have?

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