Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 18~Triad Challenge

Welcome to something brave.
I am so excited to share with you and activity that can cover all three at once. Yoga. Yes I am aware that, as with all things, we can take something, a though or a practice to a place that is unhealthy. I am not asking you to sell everything and sit on a mountain top. What I want us to do is use this tool as any other to help us move to a healthier more balanced place. You can find a place that teaches yoga; YMCA, and gyms. Look for online; like Youtube, Google +, or Yoga in Daily Life.
It is scary to try something new, be brave, give it whirl. Like bike riding the first time will be uncomfortable and awkward. Challenge yourself to stick it out this week and next. The breathing can happen any time, although closing your eyes should not happen when driving. Please make sure you move with in your comfort zone for your body condition. If you can't comfortably get on the floor then use a chair.  Use a chair for support and stability if needed. 
The point of today's challenge is to bravely and safely try something new, yoga, that will move your body, calm your mind and bolster your spirit.   
It is also Magical for the next order at the coffee shop, give a coworker a compliment, give up your spot in line for someone else. Just help someone enjoy a Magical Monday.  

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