Thursday, March 28, 2013

It has been a Year.

We all have those special days when we take a moment cast a long look at the past and contemplate the good and some "could have been better" experiences. I believe that birthdays, wedding anniversary, date of a death, New Years Day and Easter are common among most of us. To a cancer survivor we have a few more that we would gladly give up. For some it is the Day of Diagnosis, often recalled with a sense of loss and grieving  for cancer treatments rob you of your plans for the next few months or years. Others it is the Last Day of Treatment, often though of with joy and celebration because you don't have to have any more. But more often leaves another sense of loss for what has become the "normal process or routine" is now disrupted. For Transplant Survivors they have two birthdays. One to celebrate first breath and the second to celebrate new marrow. A beginning of a new way of life sometimes, it is not an easy move from treatment to survivor. 

For me December 20th will be acknowledged with a sense of loss and courage. Loss for all that I had planed that never happened, camping, fishing, hikes and walks along the beach. Courage because that is something every survivor has whether we know it or not when we hear those fateful words. Another important date for me is March 29th. The last radiation treatment and the beginning of healing. Healing is an interesting process.  It takes a short time to make us sick, with in hours of your first Chemo treatment your body is damaged and begins the process of  healing. The reason Chemo and Radiation work is because the body's healthy cells can repair, the cancer can not. The challenge of healing is that it takes a very long time. Depending on your state of vitality at the time of injury or damage will make a difference on just how long that time is. 

There is the healing that your body parts have to do and then there is the healing that our soul and emotions must do. This time of year I get to do some healing of my soul and emotions. I get to promote the Race For the Cure and the life saving work that the amazing men and woman at Komen Idaho do every day. I have recorded my radio spot and will do a live radio show April 10th at 9:30 am on 107.9 with Lisa Adams.

We have all been touched by cancer in some manner either ourselves, a family member, a friend, co-worker or a friend of a friend. WE all want to support our those we know and the cause connected to them. I am no different. I want every one I know to register for the Komen Race for the Cure under Clan of Marie Team to support the mission that saved my life. But more important is that you do something. If it is not for Race for the Cure, then it is Relay for Life, or Walk MS on April 20th in Boise.

Today was a challenging day emotionally and mentally two brain therapy sessions, an hour us wait at health and welfare, and good Friday.  Take a moment to reflect what are your days of reflection and planning.