Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 25~ Triad Challenge

Welcome to gratitude.
I am grateful to the generosity of others. The ability to give from the hear is what makes this a better place to live. Some have however missed the meaning and the reason we have Thanksgiving. It is not to have to much to eat and drink and open family wounds. It is to come together as a community and enjoy the fact that we have food to eat and a table to gather. There are people in your community that may not have a family or a table. There are organizations there to help those with out. The Idaho food bank is one of many in our community that try to bridge the gap. The have many events though out the year to help end hunger in Idaho. My most loved event is Empty Bowls. It happens on the Friday after Thanksgiving. You go to the Boise Center on the Grove. Pay for a hand made ceramic bowl and get a bowl of soup. Please think about joining us.  I am grateful you are reading this. 

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