Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 15 ~ Triad Challenge

Welcome to something daring.
Mind: Think back to when you were 7 years old, someone asked you, ‘what do you want to-do or be when you grow up?’ Are you living that answer? Yes…good help someone else live/find theirs.
 No… When did that dream change? Can you make it happen? What do you want to be doing in 7 years? What skill can you learn now that will help you get there. Remember to be real…if you are a 50 year old, mom of 11, a dream of being a Chippendales dancer is not very probable. I dare you to dream. 

Body: Walk the long way to the store to buy more vegetables. Cruciferous Vegetables; broccoli, cabbage, kale,  bok choy and tatsoi, all contain nutrients that help protect you from cancer cells. Pick some up for an adventure in the kitchen this weekend. I dare to prevent. 

Spirit: Time to reflect on the week of daring. What things have you done since Saturday that you liked? A few moments and think about the word daring….look it up on daring. They have a visual Thesaurus that is crazy fun.  Reflect on the last two weeks…get ready for the next two weeks. I dare you to think. 

This week has been about challenging ourselves to move beyond where we are. To add a new activity, look at situations differently, find simple ways to experience life. 

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