Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 16~ Triad Challenge

Welcome to something brave.
Mind: Conversation with; co-worker, children, spouse. Pause; think about what you like best about them. Yes I know sometimes that is a big challenge, be brave think positive about them.

Body: Stand tall and straight. Roll your shoulders and breathe deep. Exhale and reach for your toes. Stand up straight and tall find a new way to get your 10-15 or more minutes a day to exercise.  Be brave try something new, take a class, and look at an app for your phone that tracks your walk/bike ride or how much water you have consumed.

Spirit: What has helped you increase your sense of peace and wellbeing? How do you share your faith with others? How do you express your gratitude for all the goodness around you? Be brave find or express your spirituality. 

Take a moment to find some beauty or specialness of nature. This is ice on my car, love the patterns. 

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