Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 4~ Triad Challenge

Welcome to something meaningful: Keep it simple

 Mind: put the dishes away in a different order. If you have a dishwasher and you always do the top rack first then do the bottom rack first today. Sometimes we get into a routine it can become a rut.

Body: read the ingredient label on your snack. When it is a whole fruit or vegetable there is only one ingredient. An apple is one ingredient, but over 12000 nutrients that are meaningful to your cells.

Spirit: It is Monday. Be gentle with each other. Tell the person next to you ‘thank you for being here.’ If you can, make it a “Meaningful Magical Monday” for someone. Pay for the coffee for the car behind you, pay for the lunch of the table in the corner or pay someone’s fines at the library. Most important to a “Magical Monday” is making someone else smile; the best way to do that is to smile.  

If you are participating in filling a food box for your local food bank for thanksgiving think of making it an allergy free box. Poverty like cancer is not selective. People with food allergies struggle with economic hardship and often the assistance is not set up to accommodate, make it a point to help. You could do a gluten free box, egg free box, or a tree nut free box. You can include an extra grocery store gift card to be used in later months when there is not a holiday food box. 

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