Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Healing Words

Healing is interesting. Our human bodies are unique in that the objective parts are influenced and changed by the subjective parts.

We know that deep breathing (objective) while thinking of a peaceful place (subjective) can slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure (objective).
We also know that what and how we say words can affect the listener. If you say in a loud and angry voice "shut the door", the door will likely be shut with force and disregard of the damage done by such force.
If you say "shut the door" in a quiet and peaceful voice the door will likely be closed gently with no damage concern.
Both processes have the same outcomes, the door is closed. But what is left; the feeling, the energy, the underlying subjective; create either more harm or more healing.
There are words that regardless of tone delivery will cause hurt and damage. When you use words or labels of degradation you cause hurt. When you use words or labels of love and encouragement you heal.
Being on the healing bench in a place of observation this Valentine's Day has made me acutely aware of how many of us, myself included, have misplaced our responsibly to word choice.
In this moment of history where the vast majority of word content is in non verbal form how do we convey the importance of subjective word choices.
What would be better in your world if you gave your word choice an overhaul. Choose not to use words that are negative, abusive, hateful, offensive.
For my Catholic Family lent starts on Wednesday this could be a deeply moving challenge.
For my Christian non-Catholic family this could be a great way to remove a behavior that is separating you and Christ.
For my Family who do not see themselves in either of the above groups. I challenge you to consider and practice a mindfulness of word choice for 30 or 60 days or any section of time that allows for awareness and change.
I am working to heal both my objective and subjective parts to be a better, more ready, more smooth conduit of love, light, grace and mercy. I hope you will join me putting more words and feeling of love, beauty, and joy in to the world.

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