Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day-1 Triad Challenge

Welcome to what I hope will be the beginning of something meaningful . 
Mind: take three slow deep breaths then think of one thing on your to-do list you don't want to do...do it first. Enjoy the release of it not being on the list. 
Body: make or collect your favorite beverage...coffee, tea, water, Mike's, Brandy, Ice tea, hot chocolate, glass of milk. Think of the process and people that played a part in it setting before you. Think of the benefits or enjoyment this beverage will provide you. As you drink go slow...feel it , taste it, be aware of it traveling.  
Spirit: Before you walk though a door...any door...all the doors...pause and say thank you. For the reason that you are at the door...the people that made the door...the people on the other side...

1 comment:

  1. Just took those breaths thought of the #1 Don't Want TO! and did it. Took maybe 5 minutes and is off my list! Thank you! Enjoying the beverage of choice and thinking back to all the doors I traveled through today and am glad others traveled through before me and for those I share the door ways with daily.