Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Triad challenge

Daily Lifetime Process Honoring Mind Body and Sprit.
As the reflective time of year approaches I will be looking forward and planing to move myself and maybe you to a better place to enjoy my holiday gatherings.
I have learned many things over the last 22 months since hearing the words...you have cancer.
One that I am capable of letting go of my need to be right. I am capable of not being in charge. I am able to let others help. I can ask for help, and when people say no, I am not to take it personally. I have learned that we must, everyday, do the things that move us in the process of life. As we all know there are no guaranties on our life span and that we all have expiration dates. We all know there are things we can do to enjoy our life while we are here and honor the gift of the present.
I am learning that this is a Daily Lifetime Process Honoring Mind Body and Spirit. Everyday I must do something positive to help my body heal, encourage my mind to repair, foster joy in my sprit. Beginning November 1 I will post a three part challenge that will contain activities for the current/next day to guide us through honoring mind body and sprit. You can comment your results, thoughts and encouragement to each other on that day's post.
Remember this is about you learning about you and being a better you for yourself and others. Be Kind... Be Gentle...  Yes you can set smart goals that support the triad of mind, body and spirit, but they are not required. Do you have to do every part of every challenge...no. Let's be real people...we have jobs, kids, families and others that make demands on our time. The activities may be things you already do, but this will ask you to look at the task in a different light. I am excited to welcome you to this process.

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