Thursday, October 10, 2013


Divers: di-vers
1.       of varying types: several

Community: com·mu·ni·ty
2.     a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

3.     a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
"the sense of community that organized religion can provide"

I am often struck by the historic advances of my divers community. What I refer to as the Clan of Marie. It all started about two years ago with the life altering words: You have cancer. In the last few days I have been acutely aware how my community is never stagnate or boring. There are opinions… LOTS of opinions on the state of the government shutdown. Weddings. Vacations. Trips to see children move on in adult hood.  Babies. Death. Happiness and sorrow. Misunderstandings and encouragement. Love and Loss. Seeking and knowing.

Technology has made so many of the functions of a community on fast forward or turned up on full volume. I read a book set in 13th century Wales. It was interesting to think of how much that community of castle dwelling, horse riding, sword wielding is much like the one I see on Facebook, twitter and the food market. One thing remains constant in all world, centuries and communities, our need to connect with each other.

I have a community that my common bond is breast cancer survival. We are all in a love hate relationship with Pink, Pink Ribbons and Breast Cancer Awareness. We each have a same different story that we never want anyone to ever experience. But dam glad to know we are not alone. We have love and support that we would never want to give up but hate each new invitation to our community. This is a community no one want to be a part.  I encourage you to stay out. Walk extra mile every day, eat your vegetables and beans. Drink more water.

I have a community that my common bond is scouting, a very large and formidable group. That is focused on providing an amazing way to live for the youth of our world.  We again have the same different story of why our children are in scouts and why adults that have a warm comfortable bed are willing to leave it for the great outdoors two nights a month all year long. This is a community that many people want to be a part of, but sometimes are concerned what others may think or what it might cost, or I don’t have a the right equipment.   I encourage you to look around and see just how much fun it can be to hang out with 30 young people ages 10 to 21 all doing the same thing for different reasons but trusting and supporting one another to achieve the goal. You don’t have to have children to be involved with scouting. Everyone has knowledge and experience to share, be a Merit Badge Counselor, be a unit commissioner.    Be, Know, Do and Teach.

I have a common bond with a community that believes there is a God, a higher power, a spiritual source of the universe. There is a same different story as to how we have come to know and celebrate our beliefs.  I have always sought more understanding of how and why we do the things we do in church…regardless of the church.  Celebrate your belief and honor that of your neighbor.

I have a common bond with a community that knows that Idaho was made late on the 6th day because God wanted a special place to rest. We have come to this great state and community through many routes. our stories of arrival are very divers but we have the same love and pride that was shared with a young California girl in the form of a white cowboy hat. I pray that in days to come she will return to Idaho and see beauty and love.

I have a common bond with a community of people that are my history, family and friends of friends, past co-workers and students. They post pictures of camels, on Wednesday, and of things that make me smile, laugh and scratch my head. They, we have some amazing stories.   

 Look around your communities in the next few days, enjoy your communities, acknowledge your sameness and your differentness. Honor the person next to you, they are someone's community. 

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